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Carrying on the work of Nazi, Joseph Goebbels
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By Lorne Dey

You know the country is in trouble when, Pravda, the Russian news website, points out the hypocrisy and corruption in America’s mainstream media and is fully aware of Obama’s crimes against the United States and his assault on its constitution.

I remember being taught in a public school of all places about the Soviet Union and how its government controlled press would disseminate disinformation and propaganda frighteningly similar to what George Orwell described in his book, 1984.

Now, our government, aided and abetted by our mainstream media, is practicing these same types of deceptions.

If our media reported the news instead of censoring and spinning it, we wouldn’t be facing another disastrous presidential term with Obama as dictator. And if that same press was reporting the rampant corruption in his regime, there would be mass public outcry and he would have been impeached and arrested by now.

Joseph Goebbels, the Third Reich’s propaganda minister in Nazi Germany, would be proud to see that his tactics are alive and working well in the American press. I’m sure he would not miss the irony that the nation that was busy stamping out totalitarianism in the mid 20th Century, is now promoting the same a mere generation later.

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