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The Face of Islam
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By Lorne Dey

The recent suicide death of Fakhra Younus, the woman who’s husband poured acid on her face and upper body shows people living in the West only too well what life is like for many women living under the yoke of Islam where thousands of such atrocities are reported every year from various countries around the world.

Fakhra Younus

Besides jihad, the sanctioned murdering of innocent people, Islam is most known for the horrendous treatment of its own women.

This is why it is puzzling that “leaders” in America like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, among others, would ridiculously proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace. These same people who also claim to be for human rights conveniently ignore the now commonly-known fact that Islam’s own scriptures condone and promote such inhuman treatment and practices.

The problem of fraudulently showing Islam in a favorable light is further compounded by Christian pastors like Rick Warren who claim that Christians and Muslims worship the same God which immediately implies that such atrocities are only the misguided practices of a relative few followers of a religion that is really one of peace and harmony instead of what it is universally known for – death and destruction. I guess we’re supposed to naively accept that God is a schizophrenic who is actually behind all religions even though, except for Christianity and Judaism, all of those religions contradict each other as well as Christianity and Judaism in their most basic teachings.

These types of statements by influential people in the West make the abomination that is Sharia Law, which is being increasingly promoted in Western countries, more palatable to the average uninformed yokel and will only contribute to making such horrific practices more common occurrences here in America.

Fakhra Younus’ tragic life and death would have some meaning if it helped expose Islam for what it is – a pagan throwback to a barbarous time when innocents were massacred for not thinking a certain way and women were primarily used as slaves and sexual objects instead of treated as precious human beings created in the image of God.

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