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America's Achilles Heel

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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey
US~Observer Exclusive

America's Achilles HeelSince Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, became pseudo-president, it is crystal clear that the secular humanists in our society have succeeded in infiltrating many if not most of the highest positions in our land, public and private, and that their ilk have been at work for decades eroding the Judeo-Christian principles upon which it was founded. And now, these godless ideologues are poised to devilishly utilize these same moral values in order to completely destroy any semblance of what our country once was.

America was founded as a nation of laws and most Americans believe that those laws were established to protect everyone, rich and poor, privileged or not, from being unfairly treated or abused by anyone, including people in the government. Because of this, most of us have a strong urge to abide by the law and obey those in authority over us. It is part of our national moral character.

It is this deep-seated moral sense of wanting to do what is right that despots like Barry Soetoro and his minions in every branch of government are planning to exploit.

What better way to control the moral masses than to simply either change or fraudulently reinterpret the highest law of the land to fit the desires of the elitists who are much more interested in gratifying and enriching themselves than the soon-to-be-poor peasants held within their power?

When an oligarchical, Marxist regime seeks to change or reinterpret the Constitution of the United States, you can bet it won’t be to the benefit of the average, law-abiding citizen.

The time will soon be at hand when decent people in America will have to choose between what is right in the eyes of God or what the government tells them to do.

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