March 2011

Demanding Accountability

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Waging War through Energy Policy
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By Victor Sayre

"The need for de-development [of the United States] presents our economists with a major challenge. They must design a stable, low-consumption economy in which there is a much more equitable distribution of wealth than in the present one. Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential" - John Holdren, Science Czar to Barack Obama

The USA rose to economic dominance and self-reliance on hard work and the harvest of abundant resources to create wealth. America became the world's top producer and our standard of living, thanks to inexpensive and abundant goods, was the envy of the world. Inexpensive energy was key to this success as the cost of converting raw materials to useful goods is inextricably tied to the cost of energy consumed.

America developed steam power, taking advantage of abundant wood and coal. Then petroleum drove internal combustion engines. Nuclear, geothermal, hydro and natural gas added to the mix. We enjoyed abundance unparalleled in human history.

In war, our ability to mass-produce goods inexpensively was one of our winning advantages over the resource-starved nations of the Old World. In peace, we shared our abundance, helping feed the world's poor or rescue them in a crisis.

I am speaking in the past tense for a reason. The political Left, also known as the Democrat Party leadership, are waging war to undo the prosperity that Americans have built through generations of hard work and innovation.

In war, one of the first targets to be struck is energy production and infrastructure. The crippling effect on the production of goods can bring a nation to its knees even more effectively than battlefield victories. Attacks on energy supplies are an effective tool of war against the nation.

So, what has happened to the USA?

In October 1973, OPEC nations cut off shipments of oil to the USA as punishment for US support of Israel. Make no mistake - the Islamic nations consider the USA an enemy. They had discovered their ability to inflict severe punishment because of our dependence on them for energy supplies. The resulting shortages had profound effects. Gasoline became unavailable at many stations and was severely rationed when it could be had. Economic disruption rippled across the nation causing severe inflation and unemployment.

In response to the crisis, President Jimmy Carter created the US Department of Energy (DOE) ostensibly to ensure the USA would become self-reliant through centralized control over energy production. The danger was clear: dependence on outside energy suppliers was a threat to the very survival of the USA. At that time, the USA imported about 40% of its oil. Today, we import over 70% despite the vast untapped reserves within easy reach.

Got Gas?

The DOE has become a tool of political agendas, along with EPA, FDA, ATF and a whole slew of three-and four-letter government bureaucracies whose real purpose is to enforce the will of politicians on the American People. This becomes acutely problematic when those achieving political power are, in fact, hostile to the fundamental political system of the USA and to the prosperity we Americans have built.

In the words of Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, the goal of the political Left is to "de-develop" the United States. He asserts that political power will be used to undo the quality of life we have created and to redistribute our wealth to other nations. In open war, that is usually achieved by bombing the targeted nation back to the stone age then pillaging its assets. For today's in-power Leftists, there is no need to drop bombs - they directly control our government and our nation's purse strings.

obama gasBarack Obama warned us that his energy policy would "necessarily" cause prices to skyrocket. It is NOT "necessary". It is something he wishes to do. Half of America's population voted for him despite this. Now he is following through on his threat.

In response to the rather suspicious explosion of a foreign-owned oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama, by executive decree, has barred American oil companies from drilling in the Gulf. He defies a Supreme Court ruling that he has no Constitutional power to do so. He has instead given permission to PetroBras to drill in deep water off the shore of Louisiana (the Chinook-Cascade Project in 8,200 feet) and to install a massive floating fuel storage facility. PetroBras is a Brazilian corporation, a primary supplier of oil to China and is an investment of Democrat financier George Soros as well as Obama fundraiser David Fisher. Can you say "conflict of interest"?

What is the true objective of a President who blocks Americans from harvesting these resources while permitting foreign interests to move in and take them?

The consequences are severe. American companies such as Seahawk Drilling have been forced into bankruptcy. Deepwater rigs formerly operated by US companies have left the Gulf. One might look at this and believe Obama is against deepwater drilling - yet the PetroBras example proves otherwise. He is simply clearing the way for foreign competitors to harvest our resources. This is not a mere error - it is a willful act against American interests.

Obama has also done his part to derail the clean energy progress of GW Bush by de-funding Hydrogen R&D in favor of environmentally catastrophic ethanol.

Let me clarify that last statement. You probably heard nothing about it, thanks to willful media silence on Bush's clean energy work.

George W. Bush is the President who coordinated with the European Union and Iceland to standardize clean, abundant, carbon-free Hydrogen as a mainstream fuel and to generate it with clean, virtually limitless Geothermal power. With the promise of a Hydrogen future, Bush encouraged various corporations to spend their own money to develop fueling stations and vehicles that now operate in major US cities. Geothermal/Hydrogen is easily produced by running electric current through water. It is the fuel most capable of replacing petroleum as the global standard. The only product of its combustion is pure water.

This is the "clean energy future" Democrats proclaim they want - yet when President Bush began its implementation the Left fought frantically to derail it. Al Gore trotted out his "Inconvenient Truth" movie and the Left seized control of the "Green" energy political momentum. They diverted our tax dollars into ethanol derived from food crops, literally burning up food and creating global shortages. They also created corporations such as Al Gore's "Generation Investment Management" to profit handsomely from this diversion of our tax dollars into their BioFuel investments. Government-mandated production of BioFuels has accelerated the rate of ecosystem destruction including stripping away the Amazon Rain Forest and draining of the Ogalalla Aquifer that we depend upon to irrigate food crops.

Barack Obama went out of his way to curtail funding for Hydrogen research, ensuring the destructive BioFuel agenda would prevail. Obama attacked American oil production and threatens to bankrupt coal energy to ensure foreign suppliers can hold America hostage. Again.

What is the real goal here? Clearly, it cannot be to promote clean energy. It cannot be to ensure America becomes energy self-reliant and has sustainable energy. It is clearly not to defend our national security. It is none of the things the Left claim they want when the TV cameras are on them.

Obama's Science Czar John Holdren stated the goal. It is to "de-develop" the United States. Obama's Energy Czar Steven Chu declared "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." In order to subjugate the United States to foreign powers, they need not drop bombs on us. They need only use the power of Government to make us dependent on foreign energy suppliers and ensure our internal fuel production is as costly and destructive as possible.

With Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood orchestrating revolutions to seize control of Mid-East oil producing nations, our foreign energy suppliers are rapidly falling into enemy hands. With Obama crippling domestic oil producers and giving access to foreign competitors to harvest the resources, he is further committing the US to the likelihood of foreign blackmail.

The Left have warned us for decades that they would "tear it all down, man!" With Obama and his appointed anti-American czars running our nation, it looks as if they are about to succeed!

Think About It

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