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Obama getting re-elected
could be best thing for country

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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey

For conservatives that are dismayed by the likes of Mitt Romney being the Republican nominee in November, I want to give you some hope.

First of all, Romney doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Kenya of beating Obama in the general election – There are simply not enough principled conservatives or Evangelical Christians who will prostitute themselves and vote for him to displace the baby killer from Africa. Without an overwhelming majority from those two groups behind him, Romney can’t get enough votes to beat any incumbent Democrat, even if he is a walking disaster. Add to that the sad fact that too many Democrats would rather vote for the devil himself than any Republican.

So what if no other “electable’ conservative rears his or her head to overshadow Romney between now and the election and Obama is indeed re-elected?

Let me remind you that estimates of the number of people who wanted to break away from England prior to the Revolutionary War ranged from three to ten percent of the population of the American colonies.

You might think that those aren’t large enough percentages from a group that only numbered approximately two and a half million people in 1776 to contend with and beat the most powerful empire of the world – but they did.

That’s about 75,000 to 250,000 patriots who were willing to risk all to fight to throw off the shackles of the British Empire. The Continental Army itself was never larger than 24,ooo men.

The population of the U.S. today is a roughly 312 million. If those same eighteenth century percentages were applied to today’s population, it would mean that anywhere from 9 to over 30 million people could be pushed too far and motivated into changing things in our government at all costs. That’s a pretty big force – far greater than the comparatively paltry sum of liberal ideologues who are currently in power. You can also bet that most if not all of those are part of the at least ninety million gun owners in this country.

If Obama is indeed re-elected, it’s also a good bet that he will push most of these patriots to the point of mass action.

Take what happened a few weeks ago when members of Congress threatened to regulate the Internet through their Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Thinking people knew damn well that SOPA had little to do with online piracy and everything to do with government control and censorship. They deluged Washington with their phone calls, faxes, and emails causing the bill’s sponsors to at least temporarily back down in fear of greater repercussions.

It turned out that SOPA hit too uncomfortably close to home for a lot of people who rely on the Internet for much of their news and entertainment as well as a healthy portion of their goods and services.

What we had was a minor, yet still peaceful revolt.

You can be certain that when Obama is re-elected, he will attempt to institute many other things that will affect people’s life styles as well and cause a similar if not greater response from the part of the tax-paying populace that doesn’t happen to be on the government dole. Hell, Obama is going to have to legalize polygamy in his next term just so families can afford to pay his higher taxes that are slated to start kicking in next year.

What Obama and the other “progressives” are foisting upon the honest segment of the American populace is arguably far worse than what the British did to the American colonists in the seventeen hundreds.

Four more years of Obama and his nation-killing policies along with his disregard for the highest law of our land may just be what motivates enough law-abiding citizens to decide to not take it anymore and get rid of not only many of their so-called representatives in Washington but also the status quo that has turned our Federal government into little more than a den of thieves.

Dey is a freelance writer living in Colorado. He has been following politics since in his early 20's and is deeply concerned about where the United States is currently headed politically.

He believes that fundamental change is needed at all levels of government and can only be brought about by a grassroots effort from conservative-minded Americans who believe in the soundness of our nation’s founding documents.

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