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Obama will be counting on ignorance in November
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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey

Radical leftists like Barack Obama rely on a largely ignorant populace to get into office and stay there.

Far too many people who know virtually nothing about important issues or an individual politician’s record vote for the likes of Obama primarily because he or she looks and sounds good while reading from a teleprompter on a network TV channel.

Add to that the people who vote for the politician who promises them the most freebies and you eventually get the kind of corrupt administration that we have today.

Maybe if enough of these types of people understood what makes a capitalistic republic actually work they would vote differently.

This is why we need a Litmus Test implemented for anyone who wants to vote in any state or federal election. I’m not talking about a literacy-type test that was used prior to 1965 to try to keep blacks and other minorities from voting, I’m suggesting a test with simple questions like: Who is the Vice President of the United States and what are our three major branches of government?

For those who have ever watched the “Jaywalking” segment on the Tonight Show know – There are a lot of embarrassingly stupid American adults that can’t answer basic questions like these. So much for public education.

Anyone who doesn’t at least possess the most rudimentary knowledge about our country isn’t equipped to cut through the all too typical political rhetoric and vote for the candidate who has our nation and its people’s best interests in mind.

We don’t let people drive a motor vehicle before making them first study the rules of the road, then testing them to make sure they know what they’re doing. Isn’t selecting the person who is going to “drive” our country even more important?

I propose that we make all voters read a short pamphlet that conveys fundamental facts about our republic, then have each would-be voter answer correctly three or four elementary questions at the voting precinct before being allowed to cast their vote. Who knows – we might turn enough irresponsible nimrods into informed citizens to keep Marxist ideologues like Barack Hussein Obama from ever getting elected to anything.

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