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It seems there are individuals who are confused about, or just don't know, what the US~Observer is; why it is; how it operates; and what its ultimate goal is. Speculation by some in the mainstream media, numerous government agencies, and on not-so-well-read blogs, show the US~Observer to be a hired gun, publishing any story for a price. This is simply un-truth, spread by people without any investigative fortitude. Bottom line, the US~Observer prides itself on standing on the side of truth. It has nothing to hide. As such, the following seeks to inform, disclose, and otherwise dispel any rumor or misinformation brought out by those who choose to speculate rather than report.

What is the US~Observer?

US~Observer is a privately owned investigative reports and commentary publication - newspaper – which currently has subscribers in all 50 states and 19 foreign countries. The US~Observer has been in publication, under various names, since 1992 and has successfully championed the causes of more than 4,200 cases of individuals who have been wronged by the “justice system” or another party.

Why the different names?

Over the years different publication names were used and were directly reflective of the "reach" the US~Observer had attained. For instance, the first incarnation of the US~Observer was Oregon Observer. Obviously, the majority of reporting was localized to Oregon. As the paper's reach grew and more reporting and subscriptions became multi-state, the name US~Oregon Observer was adopted. Shortly thereafter the paper's popularity exploded and we even began receiving subscriptions from other countries. The next obvious step, seeing that many of our stories came from across the country, was to become the US~Observer. Unless we start traveling the world, spreading the truth to every corner of the globe, we are remaining the US~Observer for the foreseeable future.

What does the US~Observer do?

People who are wrongly charged with crimes can hire the US~Observer to investigate their case. This does not mean the US~Observer will support a client that is shown to be guilty through a thorough investigation - in such an event; the client will be dropped immediately. Should it be determined that the client is, in fact innocent, our evidence is first given to the authorities (in a majority of cases), typically the district attorney of the case who is pursuing charges against our client. Should that DA ignore the evidence and continue pursuing the prosecution, our first step is to inform the public through the publication of an article that injustice is going on in their area. It is through the continued publication of articles that will lead to your vindication.

The only thing that the enemies of justice hate is exposure! Like-wise, the only thing that corrupt individuals within government fear is that their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and constituents will learn of their wrongdoing. In short, we use our newspaper and its supporting internet presence as a club against corrupt people and the evil they take part in.

Is your paper biased?

Yes. The US~Observer is biased to the reporting of the truth. If we are wrong about something, you can bet we will let you know! Our commentary primarily focuses on constitutional issues and policies that violate the rights of the people.

Are you attorneys?

No, we are not attorneys. We find that attorneys, in most cases, simply take your money and recommend you accept a plea bargain. The US~Observer has investigative reporters across the country who will take on a case, dig, discover the truth and report on the case, should it warrant it. We typically find that attorneys are much more expensive than we are and ultimately don't help people who are wrongly charged with crimes.

Is the paper free?

We hand-out thousands of "free" papers every publication. Also, we often saturate areas where we have cases, as the information is important for that public's consumption to provide our client the best chance at vindication. We do offer a direct mail subscription to the paper for a fee.

What is the goal of the US~Observer?

The total vindication of our clients is our primary purpose. By doing so, the US~Observer seeks to be the people's paper. It strives to hold those accountable that seemingly operate to infringe on our rights and those of our clients. Ultimately, we would like to see US~Observer chapters in every state, and presently offer a joint venture program for interested parties.

Our advertising is very clear – “do not contact us if you are in any way guilty.”

How can I help?

Distribute the paper far and wide! Share our on-line articles with your family and friends. Buy a subscription. Advertise your business. Become a joint venture partner and help defend innocent victims of false prosecution. Be a part of a historic challenge to the immunity of prosecutors and donate to the cause! And, if you find yourself charged with crimes you did not commit, contact us immediately!

The US~Observer believes in our country, our constitution, and the public right to adequate representation.

The US~Observer is
designed to keep the
innocent free, the public
informed, and our form
of government controlled
by the people.

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