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Are we in for a dire choice in 2012?
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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey

We are truly finished as a nation if Barack Obama or whoever the hell he is – is re-elected. If we as a nation can’t send this imposter-president packing, we don’t deserve to survive. What is also hard to swallow is – with all the decent and capable constitutional conservatives in this country, why are prospects good that our ultimate choice in 2012 will be between the liberal, corporation-taxing Romney with his kooky religion or the Marxist Obama from – it’s-anybody’s-guess where?

It is truly 1996 all over again when the best the Republicans could put up against the part-time womanizer and alligator hunter from Arkansas was the milk-toast moderate Bob Dole whose biggest claim to fame was to have a Saturday Night Live skit done about him.

I ask you, in the case of Obama or Romney, what difference is there if we elect the devil himself or just one of his henchmen? Either way, the country loses. The only difference is – the speed of the downward trajectory and out-and-out slavery or just mere misery?

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