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Jamie Clark
Jamie Clark

By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

On January 6, 2014 Judge Kastrenakes ruled against Jamie Clark's post conviction relief for a crime he was wrongfully convicited of in 2011. Despite the overwhelming evidence in favor of Clark, Kastrenakes stated, "The Court has absolute confidence in the Defendant's conviction in this case for DUI Manslaughter as it was based on overwhelming evidence and the law."

Kastrenakes, a former State Prosecutor of almost 30 years clearly chose the evidence that fitted the states agenda - keep Jamie Clark in prison. The evidence in this case clearly proves that Jamie Clark is innocent of Manslaughter - contrary to Judge Kastrenakes ruling.

The remedy for this case now lies in the hands of the US~Observer and Clark's defense council. While court dates and appeals continue, the US~Observer asks that anyone with information regarding Judge John Kastrenakes, former prosecutor Ellen Roberts and current state prosecutor Dave Aronberg contact us.

We will be publishing further on this case and those involved. Kastrenakes, State prosecutor Dave Aronberg and former prosecutor Ellen Roberts can look forward to a lifetime sentence in the court of public opinion for their travesty of justice against Jamie Clark.

How many other innocent victims of these indivicuals are there?

Please visit the following links for the full history of the Clark case:

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