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Wrestling Champ O’Neil - Serial Rapist?
Innocent Referee in Prison?
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Patrick O'Neil in a wrestling match
2004 match between Patrick O'Neil (left) and Steve Hegland

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Washington State – Back in 2006, Snohomish County, Washington was in a state of shock as local media published sensational headlines such as “Club-wrestling referee charged,” and “Youth Referee Accused of Sexual Misconduct.”

Eugene Brian Garvie of Lake Stevens, Washington was the wrestling referee named in the headlines. After accusations arose, he was arrested and jailed. Garvie was charged with 10 serious felony sex abuse crimes including “Rape Of A Child In The Second Degree” by “Information” on May 11, 2006. Snohomish County Assistant District Attorney (DA) Mark Roe (currently Snohomish County District Attorney) filed the “Information” and reported three-time Washington State wrestling champion Patrick O’Neil was his primary witness.

Garvie was accused of “grooming” and then molesting wrestlers. He was also accused of placing pornographic pictures of under-aged males on his computer. Komo News stated, “A local youth wrestling referee has allegedly admitted to police that he gave teenage boys (wrestlers) drugs in exchange for sex. And Investigators say there could be as many as 50 victims and witnesses from the past twenty years.” These lies destroyed Garvie’s reputation and decimated his family. Eugene Brian Garvie was instantly judged as guilty before the “Court of Public Opinion.”

Brian Garvie
Brian Garvie

DA Mark Roe fueled the public’s outcry as he feathered his own political bed with this manufactured criminal case. Little did the public and local press know that neither Roe nor the police had any legitimate evidence to back up their serious felony charges. The police and prosecutor provided absolute lies to the media to enhance their trumped-up case against Garvie, while ignoring crucial evidence regarding Garvie’s innocence.

Garvie’s family immediately hired an attorney who reportedly charged them $6,000.00. Brian's father stated, “Brian called me from jail and asked me to hire another attorney named Crowley. Brian heard that Crowley was the best criminal attorney, so I retained him for $30,000.00. This was the biggest mistake I have ever made… I should have stayed with Brian’s original attorney.” Both Brian and his dad have stated that all Crowley did was make repeated attempts to get Brian to accept a plea bargain.

For many months Garvie maintained his innocence as he attempted to get his many wrestling friends to assist him during his false prosecution. However, due to the public outrage over the case, “the lack of communication with his attorney and being completely deserted by most of his wrestling friends, Garvie caved-in. Out of fear and desperation Garvie accepted a completely fraudulent plea-bargain on May 24, 2007.

Eugene Brian Garvie was sentenced to over 13 years in prison. However, under Washington State’s “Indeterminate Sentence Review Board” (ISRB) statutes, Garvie actually received a possible Life sentence. Garvie must admit to crimes he adamantly denies – he must convince the Board that he was guilty and sorry for his actions or he remains in prison for an INDETERMINATE period of time. Like many other innocent defendants who are prosecuted in Washington State, Garvie had no idea he was possibly receiving the life sentence. Ironically, a possible life sentence is “exactly what his own attorney and the prosecutor used to coerce him into the plea agreement he accepted.”

The US~Observer has confirmed that there are many people convicted of sex crimes, who claim their innocence in Washington State, who have far surpassed their maximum sentence. This practice is draconian, wrong and cruel and unusual punishment, as well as being clearly unconstitutional. Please keep in mind that the US~Observer only deals with innocent people who have been falsely charged or convicted. If Washington State is going to give people life in prison for convictions on sex crimes, they should not subversively cloak the life sentence with the ISRB.

Three-Time Wrestling Champion Accused of Multiple Rapes and Conspiracy

Patrick O'Neil
Patrick O'neil as a young, winning, wrestler

On January 15, 2011, I traveled to Marysville, Washington and met with two of the wrestlers that Brian Garvie had been friends with in 2003-2006. I had received the allegation that then, Sedro Woolley High School wrestling champion Patrick O’Neil had molested one of these wrestlers. I told this young, exemplary man that I would withhold his name from future articles I might write if he was honest with me regarding O’Neil raping or molesting him or attempting to do so. I then asked him if O’Neil had violated him sexually and he nodded his head up and down, confirming his yes answer. This young man is now in his 20’s, married, has children of his own, is a successful businessman and is from an outstanding family. He is the only wrestler to come clean with me to date; the rest of O’Neil’s alleged victims have avoided me like the plague, which tells me they have plenty to hide.

I include this information mainly because the issue of a young wrestler raping his teammates is a filthy subject and very embarrassing for the person who was molested. In my world, these facts make this witness’s admission very compelling.

The other young man at the meeting was and is to this day equally impressive. He has stated to me on numerous occasions that Garvie could never have committed any of the crimes he was accused of and that he was very aware of the accusations that O’Neil had raped and or molested numerous other wrestlers. This fine young man also informed me that he attempted to tell the police and DA Mark Roe this information during their initial “investigation”, but they refused to listen.

I almost published an article after this meeting, however, due to the subject matter and the ages of those involved, I set my article aside and kept digging.

More Overwhelming Evidence of Garvie’s Innocence

Knowing that the state's allegations of sex-abuse relied heavily upon the reports from one specific evening, and that only Brian Garvie, Patrick O’Neil and Steven Atter were present that night, I focused on locating and speaking with Atter. I had stopped pursuing O’Neil personally as he had already avoided me on several occasions.

On November 7, 2013, following an in-depth 3-year investigation, the US~Observer obtained a tape-recorded interview with 23-year-old Steven Atter of Marysville, Washington accusing three-time Washington State wrestling champion Patrick O’Neil of Rape. Atter, who wasn’t a wrestler, stated that O’Neil drugged him and then raped him. Atter stated that the night this occurred was the one and only night he was with O’Neil at the home of wrestling referee Eugene Brian Garvie, and that Garvie was passed out in his bed by himself. According to witnesses, Brian Garvie took Oxycotin for pain relief, resulting from severe knee damage, and he was often incapacitated from the drugs required to relieve the pain. O’Neil also stands accused of dropping additional drugs in Garvie’s beverage, after Garvie had already taken his pain medication.

Investigators allegedly found pornographic pictures on Garvie’s computer – pictures of Garvie allegedly engaged in sexual activity with then 13-year-old Steven Atter. According to Garvie, “I was never able to see the pictures, and I never placed any illegal porn on my computer.” Steven Atter stated, “Brian didn’t have a camera and he was out-cold. Patrick was the one with the camera and he was taking pictures the night he drugged and raped me.” I should note that Atter stressed to me that he was well aware of these facts and that it wasn’t until much later in the evening that his memory failed him.

Steven Atter has absolutely no motive whatsoever to lie about what happened; in fact most young men would be afraid to come forward and cross the cops and prosecutors in Snohomish County, Washington. Further, it is vividly clear to this reporter why Garvie never saw the alleged pictures – they have to show that he was not cognizant during the time O’Neil allegedly took them.

When I asked Atter why he was coming forward years after the incident he stated, “The authorities don’t have anything against me now. I have had some trouble with the law because of that night and Patrick getting me involved with drugs, but that is behind me now and Brian Garvie is innocent – he shouldn’t be in prison. Brian did nothing but help me when I was down and out.”

Atter continued, “After that night I was in juvenile and two men in suits came to see me. I tried to tell them that Brian didn’t do anything to me and that Patrick raped me, but they wouldn’t listen. They threatened me and basically told me I was going to go to court and admit that Brian abused me. They said I was intoxicated and that I couldn’t remember - but I did remember.”

Tyson Metz
Tyson Metz (left) and “friend”

O’Neil’s Friend Makes Recorded Statements

One of the young wrestlers who was close to both Garvie and O’Neil was Tyson Metz. Witnesses informed me that O’Neil had molested Metz on different occasions, but that they were still good friends. I tried to interview Metz several times during the past few years and he refused to speak with me.

Then the bombshell - Realizing that Metz was close to Brian Garvie, I instructed Garvie to have as many conversations with Metz as possible about O’Neil and his alleged sex abuse during prison phone conversations between the two. I knew these calls would be recorded. After much obstruction by individuals running the Washington State Prison - Stafford Creek Corrections Center, and their superiors at the state level, I finally received transcripts of calls between Tyson Metz and Brian Garvie.

Keep in mind as you read the following transcribed conversations that Metz and O’Neil are unbelievably still seeing each other...

Mr. Garvie: I know. But you also, just like me, try to protect Patrick even still.

Tyson: Yeah

Mr. Garvie: You ask him, let him know what’s going on because you still kind of care for the kid.

Tyson: Yeah, exactly.

Mr. Garvie: I mean, it’s the same shit I did, you know. And I’m not mad at you about it. I didn’t want to put you in that spot and so I didn’t really talk to you about it.

Tyson: Yeah.

Tyson: And I’ve had to protect him (Patrick O’Neil) several times and it sucks.

Mr. Garvie: You had to, too?

Tyson: Yeah, well, you know about that, like, that kid.

Mr. Garvie: Yeah. Do you know what happened with Gilbertson?

Tyson: What?

Mr. Garvie: Well, Patrick did some of the – did some of the things – shit to Gilbertson.

Tyson: Oh, yeah, he told me about that - that-

Mr. Garvie: And then -

Tyson: - Gilbertson caught him -

Mr. Garvie: Wow.

Tyson: - and wasn’t happy with it.

Mr. Garvie: That was the first time.

Tyson: He’s done it to -

Mr. Garvie: Huh?

Tyson: He’s told me he’s done it to a lot of – like, over 100 people.

Mr. Garvie: That was a number. He gave me-

Tyson: Yeah.

Mr. Garvie: - a list of names that would blow your mind, but -

Tyson: Yeah.

Mr. Garvie: - it’s dumb because he sat there and, I mean, he cried about Gilbertson and everything else. So he had me go talk to Gilbertson, you know. I patched things over and we talked about it. You know, the next time Patrick went in bed with him, what’s he do?

Tyson: He’d what?

Mr. Garvie: I kind of – I mean, Patrick asked me to kind of fix things with Gilbertson with him.

Tyson: Uh-huh.

Mr. Garvie: And, well, the next time Patrick and Gilbertson were together, what happened?

Tyson: The same thing?

Mr. Garvie: Yeah.

Another Alarming Excerpt!

Tyson: Yeah, I didn’t – I didn’t – I woke up really regretting that night…I don’t understand the, like, why it happened. I realized that a pill or something dropped in my drink.

Mr. Garvie: Right.

Tyson: And -

Mr. Garvie: Right. See, Patrick’s done that to other people. I mean, there’s a couple things that I know about that are really bad…

For clarification and to assure everyone involved that I am dead serious, the wrestler referred to as “Gilbertson” in the transcribed phone conversations is Johnny Gilbertson, a team-mate of O’Neil when O’Neil was allegedly raping him and many others.

I called Johnny Gilbertson’s dad on October 14, 2013 and informed him about the accusations contained in this article. I told him that I wasn’t about to let Garvie remain in prison because he is innocent and that the parents of the wrestlers who were allegedly raped needed to come forward. Mr. Gilbertson and the parent of another wrestler both said they would speak with their sons. It has been well over two months and I haven’t heard anything from them – this is exactly like all the wrestlers who knew the truth about O’Neil and Brian Garvie and deserting their friend Brian Garvie when he was falsely charged with the dirty crimes of molestation. I have sat and asked myself over and over - What kind of human beings are these people? Don’t any of them have a conscience?

What Will Prosecutor Mark Roe Do With This Information?

Because of Roe’s involvement in this travesty of justice I assume he will attempt to ignore it. He will soon find that he can’t and he will try to make excuses and or lies to cover this mess up. This won’t work either. In order to save his career and overly elevated reputation I would suggest that he open a new investigation immediately. I can provide him all the evidence he needs in order to file a Post Conviction Relief Motion (in the interest of justice) to dismiss the false charges against Eugene Brian Garvie. He should then get him out of prison immediately and see that he’s compensated for the years he has wrongfully spent in prison.

In our next edition I am going to publish much more on this story. If people don’t come forward and if Snohomish County District Attorney Mark Roe fails to act, I intend to expose more facts. I will also name everyone involved, and I do mean everyone.

Those involved in this starling and sensational cover-up really only have a couple options at this point. They can do what is right or they can get together and file a civil lawsuit against me. I am good with either option! I would literally love for the myriad of accusations I’ve received to be aired in open court…

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