March 2011

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“Yes Sir, No Sir - Right Away Sir”
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J.M. Appleton
By J.M. Appleton
March 29th, 2011

It has become painfully obvious to those aware, that NEVER before now, and not in the two-hundred, thirty-five year history of the United States of America, has our democratically elected government employed such exuberant and all-encompassing control over and enslavement of the citizens of this country.

It would also be an entirely safe assumption to make (and entirely safe to say), that our government’s doing so is absolutely contrary to what the wishes for our future were back in 1776 when Thomas Jefferson labored tirelessly in crafting the Declaration of Independence. He and his peers knew with great certainty the consequences of a government exerting wanton control over it’s people, as they of course were for decades the indentured colonial slaves of Great Britain’s King George III. Reflecting his incredible wisdom and insight, one of my all-time favorite quotes of Jefferson’s so eloquently reads:

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day, but when a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, unaltered through every change of ministers, to plainly prove a systematical plan of reducing us to slavery . . . if the people do not keep the government as their slave, they shall end up the slaves to government."

In my opinion, Jefferson’s quote was hauntingly prophetic, and astonishingly accurate. As a nation, we would be amiss to not unabashedly explore the “who is responsible,” the “what can be done about it” and the “why is it important” questions at hand and when identified, work like we’ve never worked before to break the chain’s of bondage that serve to enslave us. Knowing what we already know, if we the sovereigns of this nation fail to address the situation with every bit of might we can muster, we will in effect be committing an act of treason against the U.S. Constitution itself…and I believe that Jefferson (along with the other Founding Fathers) would believe so as well. At this point in time, I for one would honestly be ashamed to stand before Jefferson and have to answer the question…“why haven’t YOU personally done anything to help right this badly listing ship”? So I ask now of every fellow American…“just what CAN we do, and what would be the most effective measures employed in getting the job done.”

I for one do NOT advocate the use of violent measures of any sort and if for no other reason than…violence only begets more violence (escalating exponentially) and that’s become clearly evident as we watch events unfold in other countries seeking political reform and/or regime change. In the Police State we currently live in, our Masters would think nothing of gunning us down like the disgruntled, run-away slaves they’d view us all as being…should we do as much as raise a hand (with no weapon in it) against them. For those not eliminated outright in armed conflict, there would be detention without charges or bail, no trial by a Jury of your peers, LONG periods of imprisonment, and the unwarranted label of “home-grown terrorist” slapped on you quicker than a cat can blink an eye…meaning that your every move would be scrutinized and even more likely prevented, via house arrest and other travel restricting measures. Let’s just say that employing violence in attempt to free ourselves of tyranny would NOT be a smart thing to do, would lead us right into there trap, and would actually work to only tighten the noose of oppression that’s already been placed around our collective necks.

You see folks, the sad truth is that anyone who currently is not a flag-waving, “rah, rah, U.S.A., let’s crush anyone in our way” chanting type is not viewed by the elitists or upper-echelon as being very bright and we’re definitely not considered to be much more than a potential “nuisance” when it comes to getting in the way of the government’s agenda. It’s expected that for the most part, we’ll remain obedient “wards of the State” and realize that we stand NO chance of ever effecting a change that would re-direct the course that has long been plotted out. Step by nefarious step, (and much like it was with G.B. in Jefferson’s day), the empire building goals of the U.S. are expected to move forward with little to no opposition, and believe me when I say that the elimination of anyone who believes otherwise has been carefully prepared for.

Every so often I’ll be asked by someone I know, “if things are REALLY as bad as you say they are…why aren’t there whistle-blowers that pop-up once in awhile to warn us, surely not everyone in our government is without a conscience”? My reply to them is, “there most certainly are whistle-blowers out there but you’ll not often hear about them OR what their message is because our main-stream media takes it’s marching orders directly from the White House, The Pentagon, The Fed, and any other Federal institution that would feel threatened should the truth be told.” I also routinely add that to be a government whistle-bower means to at LEAST be committing “political suicide” and that in the past, some whistle-blowers (especially those willing to expose corruption) have indeed been found to be physically “suicided” in their homes and elsewhere. Without question, the stakes are extremely high for any government official whom acts upon the leadings of their conscience, and breaking that unspoken “code of silence” is a no-no that not many are willing to do. Conversely, there are those that will throw caution to the wind and step-up to bat against our oppression by tyrannical forces, and I applaud Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Dennis Kucinich and others that have no problem with swimming against the tide in shark infested waters…and we should be doing anything and everything in our power to support and encourage these brave souls, as their unselfish work on our behalf is not only uncommon but is also in alignment with what Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and Washington would be doing should they still be with us.

In closing I will add that with immense angst, I do fear for our great nation (and know that I’m not alone in doing so), as it seems that the slavery we abhor and believed to be long rid of has returned with a vengeance to enslave us ALL…this time by the very government that we‘ve whole-heartily trusted to protect our treasured rights, liberty and freedoms. As for my family and I, we will never acquiesce, and will never allow “yes sir, no sir - right away sir” to leave our lips, spoken then as political slaves and prisoners to a government that had systematically dismantled our beloved Constitution.

Please join me in taking on the spirit of freedom that was Thomas Jefferson‘s, then don’t give in, don’t give up, and whenever possible…shout your warning from any rooftop (or any forum) that’s available to you!

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