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Remember the Ceausescus
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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey
US~Observer Exclusive

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that if Obama won’t show his real birth certificate it’s because he knows it will reveal him to be a fraud and not eligible to be president of this country.

The fact that he won’t produce a non-forged document should automatically disqualify him from even currently holding the office.

So why has he not been arrested for fraud and other crimes against the highest law of our land that he trounces with impunity?

I know that our government is rife with corrupt individuals, but are there no honest people in positions of authority who are interested in seeing this man dethroned and prosecuted?

When the people we hire to enforce our laws don’t do their jobs, what is left for honest citizens to do?

Nicolae Ceausescu

I know what the Romanians did in 1989 after Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were found guilty by a military tribunal of crimes against their state. They were stood up against a wall and shot.

It is instructive to note that one of the crimes they were charged with was undermining the national economy. Sound familiar?

When you read about how Romania was run while under the former dictator’s power, the details sound very much like the “Hope and Change” Obama is busy foisting on America.

Are the 307 million people in this country really going to sit back and do nothing while one noodle of an imposter and a relative handful of unscrupulous political hacks turn our country into a slave state?

Only we the people can answer that question.

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