Who’s Rotten in Jackson County, OR?
Judge Ronald Grensky, That’s Who!
Judge Ronald Grensky

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By Dana Hoffman
Investigative Journalist,
Former Paralegal

Jackson County, Oregon - This is a continuation of the Christi MacLaren civil child custody case. It was stated in a previous article, “reports suggest that Lenzo’s attorney Jamie Hazlett is trying to push the final trial date to May, 2017." Apparently the Hazlett date wasn’t far off as the final day of trial was recently scheduled for April 13, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. at the Jackson County Courthouse in Medford, OR. This simple four day custody case will have taken over four full months to conclude! At the end of the previous day of trial, there was still no resolve and yet once again this little girl and her maternal family are still being made to live this nightmare at the hands of the person that could put an end to this - Judge Ronald Grensky.

Why is it that Judge Grensky is having such a hard time coming to a conclusion and doing what is right by this little girl and her family? He has all the proof and evidence to show that this child needs to be with her mother. He has evidence and testimony from the abusive parent Sean Lenzo himself, that he is pretty much a low life, and evidence from expert witnesses, some court ordered mind you, that Christi Maclaren is not only a fit parent but the parent who this child needs to be with. What type of judge could hear reams of testimony from professionals that the child is extremely afraid of her Father, Sean Lenzo and still leave that child with Lenzo? The answer is simple; a biased, prejudiced, arrogant, rude and obnoxious one named Grensky…

It causes one to take a look at what exactly the problem is and why the one person that can put an end to this nightmare has not done so. After all it's no secret that when a judge is elected to take that position there are important things expected of them. One being they are to be a judge who is fair and impartial. Another being the judge has a responsibility to maintain the trust of the public. Two of the most important factors of holding that position and yet Judge Grensky doesn’t seem to honor and uphold either, yet he still holds his position on the bench. Not only is he still on the bench, he's overseeing some of the most sensitive cases concerning children and their protection.

Prior to becoming a Judge, Grensky was a COMPLEX REAL ESTATE/ TRANSACTIONAL ATTORNEY or at least that's what’s reported by the 2005 Oregon State Bar Bulletin.

"MAUI WAILEA CONDO – Palms at Wailea, gorgeous and beautifully furnished, sleeps 4; 2 full baths, spacious lanai, unbelievable price of $125/night plus tax. Contact (541) 770-3352..."

In fact on a public website for Oregon its really ironic that out of the 161 cases that are listed there, not one of those cases has anything to do with family law, or children’s cases at all! In fact they all have to do with cases other than the one that he is presiding over. Why on earth would you want to become involved in judging cases that are out of your arena or area of expertise?

That might be one reason one could conclude why Grensky is having such an issue in closing this nightmare of a case. Surely, Judge Grensky’s actions and non-actions alike are not based on the endorsement from Pea Pac (political organization) or based on their fundamentals because this man is the furthest thing from being a Christian that I have ever seen.

Anyone doing their homework will see that there are cases of Judge Grensky’s that have been reversed and/or remanded. Doing further research, one will see that even answering motions to the court(s) to have cases dismissed, Judge Grensky makes no beef when telling the courts that it needs to be dismissed based on the fact that it’s just, "plain annoying."

Upon further research it appears that what this judge has put this little girl and family through is something that is not new. Click here to view.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Comment from the Robing Room:

Comment #: OR251: "takes cases that he has had past dealings with an attorney over (real estate) and that attorneys client pays the price..."

" How could this man be a judge?"

Comment #: OR246: "How could this man be a judge? Isn't the judge non partial? Isn't the judge supposed to follow the letter of the law? This man has his opinions and he puts them right in your face? Why do we have such a judge and why can't somebody run against him - how do we get him out of our system?"


Comment #: OR244: "Really a poor judge. He lets everyone know his opinion and he has no respect for the law. He procedurally draws out signing his orders when he reluctantly has to uphold the law. He is punitive and disrespectful. There is no way he should be a judge."

"This judge is the worst!"

Comment #: OR220: "This judge is the worst! He doesn't have the ability for reason or logic, even when it comes to professionalism. He's rude and cuts people off. Makes assumptions first without hearing what either party has to say! He needs to stop being a judge, it's obvious he's a very unhappy person."

Comment #: OR216: "Rude and unprofessional. Appears to have no regard for the law - just self serving..."

The list goes on and on... These are comments made by citizens that have had to go before this judge. The comments alone back the story that Judge Grensky's behaviors are continuing even today - in the MacLaren case! So why is it that this Judge is allowed to continue to sit on the bench, much less oversee cases that involve the lives of precious children and innocent families? One might assume he was elected into office and therefore it would be too much of a bother to remove him? Who knows what is going on in the minds of the citizens that elected him and placed him in that position... Perhaps it's because the citizens that help place him in that position are not aware of how unethical Judge Grensky is, or how the Judge seems to have his own untouchable agenda. No matter what the reason(s) as to why this judge is still able to hold his position, it's very clear and obvious that this is not the position that he should be holding. Perhaps Judge Grensky can take advice from Attorney Stephen R. Grensky (possibly relative?) and go ahead and resign as Stephen did to save face and more damning evidence from coming to the surface for the entire world to see. There was one other comment regarding Judge Grensky and that commenter vows to see that this Judge be looked into by the commission and I couldn't agree more!

This is the time for Judge Grensky to step up to the plate and do the right thing not only by the citizens that placed him in his position but to do the right thing by this little girl and her family and stop this injustice and madness. I can assure you Judge Grensky that while you are dragging your feet and not looking at evidence, allowing continued torture on this child and her maternal family, it is not going to go unnoticed and I will be joining in the forces to see that you are removed from the position that you were entrusted with as you no longer have the public trust that you swore to uphold when you took that position. Perhaps the condo in Hawaii is the place where you need to retreat in order to gather your thoughts on your actions. I think you owe it to the state of Oregon, the citizens of Jackson County, and the lives of the families that you have destroyed due to your incompetence.

You have my word - I will not stop until you have been removed, or voluntarily step down from your position.

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