$1 Billion Lawsuit Filed Against City and Cops
in Waco Biker 'Witch Hunt'

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James Harris, Bonar Crump, Juan Garcia, Drew King
(From left) James Harris, Bonar Crump, Juan Garcia, and Drew King. (Jail photos)

By US~Observer Staff

Almost exactly two-years since a deadly shoot-out between the rival motorcycle gangs, the Bandidos and Cossacks, at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, four men have filed suit against the city, the police department and the restaurant for a total of $1 Billion dollars. According to a Daily Beast article, Jim Albert Harris, Bonar Crump Jr., Drew King, and Juan Carlos Garcia maintain their civil rights were violated, their reputations slandered, and much more.

According to a 2015 article by Breitbart:

There is nothing at all to indicate the Grim Guardians are anything more than what they claim to be: a group of Christian motorcyclists committed to helping children. Austin police do not have the Grim Guardians listed as a criminal biker gang.

The Grim Guardians motorcycle club is an offshoot from a group called Guardians of Children that Garcia, King, Harris and Crump all belonged to. The Guardians are focused on helping victims of child abuse, often visiting children and conducting charity rides ...

Nor do the Grim Guardians’ backgrounds indicate criminality. Garcia has an engineering degree and worked for the city of Austin. Crump graduated from Baylor University with a degree in English, and from Oklahoma Baptist University with a history degree, and he owns his own business.

... In the initial press conference after the shooting, Waco Police described “three men” on their way to Twin Peaks who had been arrested, making it sound as though the three were en route to take part in a planned biker brawl.

However, now that a police incident report has surfaced, it appears King, Harris and Garcia were arrested for being at the scene, and wearing leather jackets with Grim Guardians patches. There’s no indication that the police officer actually knew who the Grim Guardians are, or what they do.

The police report says:

While speaking with all three men as they sat in the grassy area, noticed tall three were wearing a black leather vest with several patches indicating they were a motorcycle club member. All three had on a black leather vest and on the back of it had the name GRIM GUARDIAN, ROCKER on the top patch and in the center of the black leather vest had a round patch with the symbol of half of a skull on one side and half of a Viking helmet on the other. Also a small patch MC standing for motorcycle club and a bottom rocker patch stating the words SLAUGHTER CREEK, representing the part of the city they were from.

In a press release, renowned biker lawyer Brent Coon said it is the "worst police operation initiated by law enforcement in the history of Texas..." and "will be shown to be one of the biggest blunders and cover-ups by any law enforcement agency in the country.” He went on to say that the city will eventually be proven to be “in a witch hunt for bikers.”

Any individual who has been falsely charged with a crime and is continually punished by a system that is unrelenting deserves justice. It will be interesting to see in the future if these four individuals deserve a Billion dollars worth of justice.

For what it's worth, our bet is on them.

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