Lawsuit Filed Against Conspirators
In Wrongfully Prosecuted Murder Case

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By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

James Faire - Angela Nobilis
James Faire and Angela Nobilis-Faire

Okanogan County, WA - James Faire, a well respected liberty and justice advocate and his wife Angela who were falsely accused of serious crimes and who have endured a factually malicious prosecution for the past two years, have sued Richard Alan Finegold, Finegold's co-conspirators and the estate of Debra Long. Strong and documented evidence has proven that Long both created and masterminded the hellish conspiracy against the Faires that ultimately lead to her own death.. The articles listed at the end of this story tell the entire history of this case, as does this video.

Faire's attorney, Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, filed suit on Tuesday, April 25 2017, in the Superior Court for the State of Washington in King County for over $5 million.

The court documents read in part:

“Richard Alan Finegold and Debra Long were joined by Ruth Brooks, Michael St. Pierre, and George Abrantes in premeditating a physical confrontation with James (Strat) and Angela for unlawful means including the following:

  • To convert the property of James and Angela Faire.
  • To prevent James and Angela Faire from giving testimony of undue influence in the creation of the Last Will and Testament of Michele St. Pierre.
  • To prevent James and Angela Faire from giving testimony concerning the withholding of medical care for Michele St. Pierre.
  • To prevent James and Angela from giving a testimony to Richard Alan Finegold that they had terminated their option to pursue the Sourdough Property.”

"On the evening of June 15, 2015, Debra Long met Strat and Angela for dinner at the Ram Restaurant in Arlington, Washington. At this restaurant, Debra Long reported to the Faires that Michele was still living, although she had died earlier that morning. James told Long he was no longer interested in the Sourdough Property and that the proposal was to go no further.”

“Following that dinner meeting, Debra Long returned to the Stanwood Property, and began to orchestrate the plan to secure the Sourdough Property under her control in a similar trust as she had with Michele St Pierre’s Stanwood and Clearview properties. Long made disparaging remarks about the Faires; erroneously accusing them of stealing from the GoFundMe account that Angela owned. Long informed Finegold that the Faires were attempting to steal his Sourdough Property by squatting even though both Long and Finegold knew the Faires were living in Lake Stevens, Washington. “Long began reporting that Strat and Angela had made horrible statements concerning Michele St. Pierre. This report was designed to inflame the passions of Michael St. Pierre, Michele’s brother, and the volatile George Abrantes, both of whom did become inflamed with anger and a desire for vengeance based exclusively on Long’s reports.”

“On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Debra Long determined that she, Finegold, Michael St. Pierre, Abrantes and Ruth Brooks should immediately go out to the Sourdough Property to make arrangements to secure the property from the “squatters,” which included converting the property of Plaintiffs, bearing false testimony to the County Sheriff to orchestrate a criminal prosecution for burglary based on a false report of a “break in,” and to orchestrate a violent confrontation with Strat and Angela, who were not living there at the time.”

“On the evening of June 17, 2015, an Okanogan County Sheriff was dispatched on a burglary complaint initiated by Finegold to the Sourdough Property to take a report from Finegold. Deputy Pekter of the Sheriff’s office took the report. Finegold gave the statement with the intent that the County Sheriff should rely on the statement, although Finegold knew it was false at the time he gave it."

"On the evening of June 17, 2015, the Faires learned that Michele has lost her life on the morning of June 15th; the same day Debra Long informed them Michele was still alive."

“On the morning of June 18th 2015, James and Angela traveled to Sourdough to remove their personal property off the Sourdough Property. While en route, Angela contacted Linda Pries, (an Aeneas Valley neighbor), to make an arrangement to either pick up their batteries (that Strat had loaned to them) or have the batteries delivered to the Sourdough Property. Once Debra Long learned of the Faire's impending arrival to the Sourdough property on June 18th 2015, she premeditated a series of events:

  • Long instructed Ruth Brooks and Richard Finegold to park the vehicles in a gully out of view to ensure the Faires would not become aware of the impending ambush when they arrived to retrieve their belongings.
  • Signs were prepared in red paint which read “You Both are White Trash SCUM! F—K you both.”
  • Abrantes prepared his attack and his weapon. He would later tell police “I had a lock on a chain. I was trying to smash the driver’s side window so I could pull him (James) off the wheel.”
  • Long specifically ordered the others not to call the Okanogan County Sheriff until after she, George Abrantes and Michael St. Pierre confronted Strat and Angela."

According to the police report, Okanogan County Sheriff Deputy J. Petker “advised Finegold to call 911 if the Faire's returned while they were there. Richard agreed.”

George Abrantes, Ruth Brooks, Michael St. Pierre, Richard Finegold
From Left to Right: Richard Finegold, Michael St. Pierre, (top) George Abrantes, and (bottom) Ruth Brooks

Photos obtained by the Okanogan County Sheriff, court transcripts of interviews of Ruth Brooks, Michael St. Pierre and Richard Finegold combined with Richard Finegold's false police report show clear evidence that Finegold and the others, under the direction of Debra Long, premeditated a surprise and violent ambush of James and Angela.

Currently, James and Angela are charged with 1st Degree Criminal Theft and 1st Degree Criminal Trespassing which stem from the false report Finegold filed on June 17th, 2015. Additionally, James continues to be charged with 1st Degree Assault and 1st Degree Premeditated Murder. Even though it is very clear that James Faire acted out of self-defense, Okanogan County Prosecutor Karl Sloan has continued his false prosecution to date, in an attempt to cover for Detective Kreg Sloan's (Prosecutor Sloan's brother) and Sheriff Frank Rogers' incompetent investigation and rush to judgment.

Editor’s Note: Anyone with factual information on this case or any of the players is urged to contact the US~Observer at 541-474-7885 or by sending an email to


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