September 2009

Demanding Accountability

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Prosecutor Jody Vaughan Pursues
False, “Stacked” Rape Charges

By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

Deschutes County, Oregon – On January 23, 2009, Kevin Driscoll of Redmond Oregon was charged with 3 counts of rape, one count of unlawful sexual penetration, one count of sodomy and one count of assault IV.

The early morning of January twenty-third, found Kevin Driscoll and his friend Pete having some drinks at a local bar when they struck a conversation with the alleged victim in this case, Melissa Leahy-Rossow and her acquaintance Dennis Baker. After the bar closed, Driscoll invited Melissa, Dennis and others to his home, for an “after hours party.”

Upon discovering the facts and then reading Melissa’s statement made to the police, this writer found that the facts completely contradicted the statement – her false allegation of rape. Rossow stated that she took a taxi to Driscoll’s residence with her friend Dennis, but indisputable video surveillance of his home clearly shows Melissa and Dennis arriving with Driscoll and his friend Pete, in Pete’s car.

Once everyone had arrived at Driscoll’s home, Kevin realized that his keys were left in another friend’s car. Driscoll called his friend and video surveillance confirms a lengthy wait in his driveway until the keys arrived. During this time, Melissa Leahy-Rossow and her so-called “friend” Dennis Baker were clearly shown on video surveillance getting intimate on the side of the driveway near Driscoll’s boat. Melissa was shown kissing Dennis and then vividly touching his privates in a stroking motion, while his penis was exposed and held in her hand. Melissa conveniently forgot to mention these actions while attempting to deceive police investigators, hours after her alleged rape.

Shortly thereafter, a witness stated Dennis and Melissa entered the hot tub completely naked. The witness said it appeared that the two were having sexual intercourse. This same witness stated that Melissa had pleaded for him to join in for a “threesome” between Dennis and her as he watched from the fence. After Dennis and Melissa were reportedly done having sex, others entered into the tub. According to witness statements, everyone was in the tub together for some time and eventually they went inside Driscoll’s residence. Melissa was reportedly asked to put her clothes on after exiting the tub, to which she replied, “I don’t have any,” as she walked by her pants, lying on the deck.

After hanging out inside the home, Driscoll stated that he was getting tired and he went to bed. Driscoll said his friend Pete was still there and he trusted him to keep things under control. Another witness, Crystal, who had never met Driscoll previously, but had known Melissa from the bars, stated that she watched Melissa walk towards the room where Driscoll was. This witness also stated that she was sober by this time and clearly remembered seeing this, because all Melissa was wearing was a sweatshirt without anything else on.

Driscoll’s Version

Driscoll stated that his room was dark and he didn’t remember anyone being in bed when he got in, but a short time later when he rolled over, Melissa was in his bed naked. Driscoll stated that Melissa began kissing him and he consented to her as she was pursuing intimacy with him. After intercourse, Driscoll stated that they fell asleep. According to Driscoll, he awoke to find Melissa on top of him pursuing sex again, so they had intercourse once more before Melissa got out of bed. Driscoll said that she stood in front of the mirror and said, “I’ve got sex hair and look like crap.” After making that statement, Melissa reportedly asked Driscoll if he could take her to her car, which was still at the Fireside Lounge, where she began drinking the previous day.

Melissa’s Version

Melissa stated that Driscoll stood in his doorway after allegedly raping her the first time to keep her from leaving his home. Next, she said that he raped her again. Rossow told police that she tried to fight Driscoll, yet there wasn’t one mark on his body to bolster any claim of struggle whatsoever. She then allegedly told Driscoll she needed to get her kids to school and she asked him to take her to her car.

The Facts

Video surveillance shows Driscoll leaving his home (by himself) to start his vehicle, which would have given Melissa the perfect chance to escape. Rossow didn’t make any attempt to escape! Driscoll then went back into his home to let his vehicle warm up. Shortly afterwards, he returns to his vehicle, gets in and Melissa follows, waiting at the passenger door for him to unlock it from inside the vehicle. This opportunity gave Rossow yet another chance to escape to the safety of neighbors, living in this crowded development. She doesn’t make any attempt to run, but chooses to comfortably enter the waiting vehicle. Are these the actions of a woman who has just been violently raped?

They arrive at the Fireside Lounge where Melissa’s car was located and more video surveillance substantiates Kevin's statement that they conversed for approximately 15 minutes while he gave her his phone number. Rossow exits the vehicle, casually walks to her car and then reportedly went home to take her kids to school and then to sleep. Melissa’s story to the police about this part of the incident is completely contradicted by video surveillance.

Melissa’s Past

Not surprisingly, Melissa Leahy-Rossow has a past, which the mainstream media hasn’t touched, nor will it be brought up in court (if needed) due to the rape shield statute under Oregon law. It is reported that Melissa had previously accused another man of rape. Douglas Foucher of Thurston County, Washington was allegedly accused of rape by Melissa but never convicted of that charge. Ryan Rossow, Melissa’s husband, reportedly said that his family (Melissa and children) had to leave Washington State because Melissa had ruined their reputation by sleeping around and accusing his best friend of raping her. He also reportedly stated that he had later found out that her relationship with Douglas Foucher was consensual. According to a witness, Ryan Rossow stated, “This isn’t the first time this has happened” and when I called her shortly after her alleged rape by Driscoll, she told me she was at the hospital because a friend was raped. She wouldn’t tell me it was her because she knew I wouldn’t believe her again”

Melissa Leahy-Rossow (right) with friend posted on her my-space account after alleged rape.

Melissa was actually at the hospital with Patrick Murphy. She and Patrick had allegedly been having a sexual relationship for sometime without her husband’s knowledge. So if you’re keeping track, there are four reported sexual partners of Melissa’s, her husband Ryan, Patrick (her alleged boyfriend), Dennis (her hot tub friend on video) and Driscoll (the alleged rapist).

Thanks to witness Dennis Baker, who has no relationship with Kevin Driscoll, it was confirmed that Dennis spotted numerous bruises on Melissa’s body while in the hot tub, which Rossow told police Driscoll had caused. He stated that he vividly saw the bruises on Melissa’s arms and legs and asked her where she got the bruises - she just turned her head and got “real weird,” according to Baker. Her husband Ryan (who has never met Kevin Driscoll) also stated during a taped interview that Melissa has bruises all over her body and frequently gets them at work. Even more truthful is the report from Forensic Pathologist Terri Haddix, MD, in which she states, after reviewing the pictures taken at the hospital, “A large percentage of the contusions demonstrated in pictures, both located on the legs and trunk, appear to be healing and in the range of at least a couple days old and were not sustained within 12 hours of their photographic documentation. Many of the other injuries are so poorly documented as to preclude interpretation.” Dr. Haddix also stated, “curiously there is no comment included about the presence or absence of anal injuries. There is also no photographic documentation provided as yet of the anal examination.” It is evident that these three witnesses have disproven Rossow’s claim that Driscoll caused her bruising.

Melissa Leahy-Rossow and "Friend" posted on her my-space account after her alleged rape.

Just after Melissa Leahy-Rossow’s false rape charge against Driscoll, she wrote a letter to the judge, begging him not to release Driscoll from jail. At one point in her letter Melissa stated, “Even with him locked up, I have to have someone watch me while I am sleeping to get any sleep at all. I can’t imagine how I would function at all if he were released.” These sound like the words of a “real” victim that has been traumatized beyond belief don’t they? According to Melissa’s “My Space” account and other witnesses, she has reportedly continued her drinking and partying lifestyle with unknown men as if nothing happened.

Kevin Driscoll

Kevin Driscoll has been forced to spend thousands of dollars to help prove his innocence. Why? The police and Deschutes County Assistant District attorney have had the same opportunity that this writer has, to view the overwhelming evidence proving that Driscoll is completely innocent of the false rape charges leveled against him. Why wouldn’t the Redmond Police Department spend their time investigating this case as opposed to faxing information regarding the false charges to Driscoll’s employer? You be the judge…And keep in mind “as you judge” that Driscoll has been indefinitely suspended from work and shunned by friends and neighbors, when he is factually the victim in this case.

Local Media Lies to the Public as They Support the System

News Channel 21 and local TV KOHD (ABC News) has greatly assisted local law enforcement in an attempt to make the public believe that Driscoll is a guilty man. News Channel 21 even went around asking his neighbors alarming questions and posted the following online.

“Neighbors of Driscoll said Monday they were stunned to learn a nearby resident would do something like that. They said most in the area are easy-going and keep to themselves.”

"It's quiet you know, and nice, nice people - nice neighborhood to live in," said Alfredo Arreola. "But you never know who's around."

“It's a family-oriented neighborhood because of its location, right next to an elementary school, raising serious concerns and fears for parents on Teak Street.”

"You've got to be more careful and check on the internet to see who's around,” Arreola. "Because you've got to take care of your little ones."

Mainstream media affiliates involved should be held just as accountable as the ones conducting the inept investigation, because they are responsible to inform the public, not to make misleading implications. The local media who reported on this case are just as incompetent as the investigators who rushed to a conclusion based off of a debilitated investigation at best. The media, as well as the police and district attorney’s office are all responsible for ruining Kevin Driscoll’s life.

The US~Observer publically asks the Redmond City Police Department and the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office, why they haven’t arrested Melissa Leahy-Rossow for filing a false police report? Why haven’t they charged her for reportedly consuming alcohol after her reported DUI arrest just weeks prior to her alleged rape? Rossow reportedly took a diversion plea on February 11, 2009, for a DUI arrest, in which she was allegedly ordered not to consume alcohol or be in an alcohol establishment for 1 calendar year. Witness statements clearly prove that she has continued to disobey the court order.

It is fact that there is not one single witness that has supported anything Rossow has stated, yet there are 8 witnesses, combined with irrefutable video surveillance, that confirm Driscoll’s innocence. If all it takes are some bruises and an allegation to arrest a man and ruin his life, which is exactly what has happened to Kevin Driscoll, anyone living in Deschutes County, Oregon is residing there at considerable risk…

The US~Observer asks anyone with information about Melissa Leahy-Rossow or anyone else involved in this case to please contact us immediately at 541-474-7885 or email us at

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