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Innocent Man Targeted by D.A. Ron Brown

Retraction: While investigating a case involving Justin Simonson, the US~Observer found an image of a man posted all over Cory Jones’ Facebook page. Her page showed he was in a personal relationship with Jones. Most recently, Jones has been living with Andrew Bue as we have reported in the following article. We vetted the picture by showing it to Justin Simonson who mistakenly confirmed the picture was of Andrew Bue. As soon as the article was posted online, we were contacted by a friend of the man in the picture who we refer to as Bue, telling us that the picture was not Bue, but another individual. We checked her claim out and found it to be correct. We immediately removed the incorrect picture online, replacing it with a correct picture of Andrew Bue. Unfortunately, the US~Observer hardcopy had been mailed to residents in Clatsop County with the wrong picture. After locating Andrew Bue’s correct picture we found it to be similar to that of the man originally pictured, which explains why Simonson thought it was Bue in the first place. We publicly apologize for the error and will be publishing a correction in the next hardcopy edition of the US~Observer. Again, if you received a copy of the US~Observer newspaper in the mail, the man you see in that photo is NOT Andrew Bue. The correct photo of Andrew Bue has been published in this online article. 

By Edward Snook

Justin Simonson

Astoria, OR – For the majority of his life, 44-year-old Justin Simonson has been a resident of Clatsop County. He has always been on the right side of the law. That was until District Attorney Ron Brown (D.A.) crossed his path. Now, Simonson is facing over twenty years in prison for crimes centering around his Astoria property. It’s a property which Simonson maintains D.A. Brown had shown interest in; wanting to procure it and convert it into a county-run training facility. According to Simonson, “The D.A., while prosecuting me for crimes I never committed, toured the property with a personal acquaintance of mine. I decided not accept the bid. I believe that decision has caused D.A. Brown to continue his false prosecution of me. I mean, how ethical is it to have a prosecutor tour a defendant’s property while they are trying to lock him up for decades?” Simonson is right to wonder if there was more to his criminal charges than a plot by a couple who are still “trespassing” on his property.

Today, just like Dave Samuelson, another innocent man charged by D.A. Ron Brown and whose article is in this edition, Justin Simonson is facing prosecution for ten serious crimes. Our in-depth investigation has concluded Simonson did not commit these crimes and that D.A. Ron Brown is complicit in attempting to ruin a good man.

When asked about D.A. Brown one local attorney stated, “you can’t make worse stuff up. What he (Brown) does to innocent men and women; some by prosecuting the innocent, some by not prosecuting the criminals, is a crime itself.” This attorney stated that Brown has declined to prosecute several domestic violence cases – letting the abusers walk free while victims live in fear.

Simonson holds a United States Coast Guard License as a Merchant Marine and is a Port Captain for the largest fleet of Pilot and supply vessels in Oregon. His job requires frequent travel for both shore side and water side operations. He tragically lost his wife in 2019 to a battle with cancer. Then, shortly after the death of his wife, while Simonson was working at sea, he entrusted a man named Andrew Bue to process firewood on his property located in Astoria.

Andrew Bue

Little did Simonson know, Bue was a life-long criminal with a rap sheet that is nearly four pages long. Some of Bue’s prior arrests include motor vehicle hit and run, possession of meth and heroin, theft, and many more crimes. According to US~Observer sources, Bue also has a history of working with D.A. Ron Brown as a confidential informant.

Upon Simonson’s return from travel for work, he noticed Bue had moved a trailer onto his property. Simonson confronted Bue and told him he would need to get the trailer off his land. According to Simonson, “Bue agreed to promptly move the trailer upon finishing his work.” Bue reportedly did not have a truck to pull it and was waiting for a friend to help.

What was meant to happen in a day or two has now evolved into more than seven months. After being told it would be just a few more days before the trailer would be moved, Simonson left again for work. When he returned, he found that not only was the trailer still there, but Bue was now “living and trespassing” on his property. Bue’s girlfriend, Corey Jones, and his son were also living there. Making matters even worse, Bue and Jones were reportedly selling hard drugs – methamphetamines and heroin. People were allegedly coming and going during all hours of the night. Screams from women could be heard. Headlights shining through Simonson’s windows – all while Simonson laid helpless in his own home with his two daughters. Simonson contacted police to file a report for trespassing.


Click to view Andrew Bue’s arrest record.

Click to view Corey Jones’ arrest record.

Soon after, a Clatsop County Sheriff’s Deputy showed up to Simonson’s property. The deputy was not there because of Simonson’s trespassing complaint, instead, he was there to recover stolen property from Bue. According to the deputy, Bue was in possession of a stolen wood-splitter. Simonson helped the deputy take the splitter by providing the right size hitch so the deputy could tow it away. Although Bue was issued a criminal citation for “receipt of stolen property,” he was not trespassed from Simonson’s residence. Simonson recalled the deputy saying, “because of COVID, we are not allowed to evict anyone right now.” Simonson was shocked at this statement because Bue was not a “renter,” he was “trespassing!” Simonson was left with no other option than to start the eviction process.

Witnesses state that Bue continued selling drugs while Simonson was forced to sit and watch. One witness stated, “not only did Justin have to endure watching the sale of hard drugs on his own property, but the police were also doing the same thing! They would park and watch the property constantly.” It appeared that the police were using Bue as a confidential informant. Simonson’s property was reportedly, “bait to try and catch the bigger dealers.”

According to another witness, “Bue had a plan to get Simonson kicked off of his own land.” Essentially, Bue’s alleged plan was to claim Simonson was trying to kill him; all to continue trespassing and selling drugs with one twist; Simonson being removed from his own home.

Corey Jones

Then it happened. Bue’s girlfriend, Corey Jones, called the police. She claimed that Simonson was shooting at the trailer. Several law enforcement officers were dispatched to Simonson’s house to, “catch a crazy guy shooting guns at people.” And the plan worked. Simonson was swarmed by police. They searched his property and found several legally owned firearms. They even found what appeared to be a gunshot hole in the trailer (which was later determined to not be a gunshot hole). Some of the law enforcement officers were overheard on personal body camera’s praising each other for the “find.” Simonson, who had never even been arrested before, and who adamantly denies shooting at the trailer, was now public enemy number one. Bue’s girlfriend, Jones, who also has an extensive criminal history, had convinced the police to help execute “the plan.” Some of Jones’ previous arrests include robbery, burglary, possession of meth and heroin, delivery of heroin, and, go figure, trespassing! Her criminal rap sheet, like her boyfriend Bue’s, is extensive.

It was reported that Jones and Bue have both lost custody of their children. Oregon Department of Human Services has allegedly deemed them unfit guardians. But, they’ve never reportedly faced child endangerment charges, like Mr. Simonson is currently facing, all due to their “false allegations.”

Simonson was forced to wear an ankle monitor for several months despite having no history of violence or being a flight risk.

The details of this case are so overwhelming that anyone with half a conscience could see Simonson was set up. Everyone except for Ron Brown! Could Simonson’s refusal to sell his property to the county be that vendetta Brown used to file phony criminal charges against him? The US~Observer believes that is one possibility.

Andrew Bue literally, as one witness put it, “told people what his plan was, executed the plan, and it worked.”

Justin with his dog, Max.

Simonson had now been arrested and trespassed from his own property. He has not been there in over seven months because he has been restrained from being around Jones; someone whom he’s never met or talked to – ever! To make matters even worse, Simonson’s best friend, his dog, was taken by animal control on the night he was arrested.

Simonson, while incarcerated, was asked to sign a document that stated, “he was not in possession of any firearms, including at his residence.” He declined to sign that document because he had not been home since he was raided in the middle of the night by police. Declining to sign that document meant Mr. Simonson would spend more time behind bars.

While he was locked-up, Simonson was reportedly held in solitary confinement without heat, his handcuffs had been applied too tightly, causing his wrists to bleed, and he lost 25-lbs.

Upon being released from jail, Simonson asked for an escort to his property so he could avoid more false criminal charges. Once he arrived back home, Simonson and the law enforcement officer inspected his property. In plain sight was one firearm – conveniently left behind. The gun was so visible that there is only one logical answer as to why. Not all the firearms were confiscated when he was raided, and one was intentionally left behind so that Simonson could be re-arrested for signing a document that said he was not in possession of a firearm. At the very least, it appears that someone (Brown) attempted to set-up Simonson; hoping he would return home and not report that the police conveniently left a gun on his table in plain sight. According to Simonson, “even the officer who escorted me home said there is no way that was left behind on accident.”

It was just after he was released and homeless that Simonson said his best friend – his dog – was adopted out. To this day, Simonson has not been told where his dog is.

District Attorney Ron Brown withholds exculpatory (beneficial to defendant) evidence? 

It has been reported that during a recent hearing D.A. Ron Brown refused to provide exculpatory evidence to Simonson’s defense. Legal analysts believe this evidence would be a Brady violation and enough to overturn a conviction, if one is attained. Fortunately, there is a break-in-the-ranks within Clatsop County which has helped prove just how corrupt Brown is.

Seaside Police provided all records. This publication is the first disclosure of Brown’s fight to prevent an innocent Simonson from this beneficial evidence – specifically, Bue and Jones’ criminal records.

Andrew Bue and Corey Jones‘ arrest records show what Simonson’s attorney believes to be a record of them being confidential informants. Further, Jones’ record shows that she has had a, “mental hold…” which Simonson’s attorney believes to be proof that she is an unfit witness.

Seaside’s records release is further proof that Brown does not control the good law enforcement within Clatsop County. The US~Observer would like to thank Seaside Police Department for their support. Bue and Jones’ criminal history should not be prevented from being known – especially when they are, “trespassing on Simonson’s property while he is being falsely prosecuted by Ron Brown.”

Like a scene from the series, “Breaking Bad.” Andrew Bue’s trailer remains on Simonson’s property. Garbage, along with what was reported as methamphetamine manufacturing debris still remain.

Simonson is currently facing decades in prison while trying to maintain his reputation. He spends most of his time working to afford the legal bills that keep piling up because of Ron Brown. He had to go through the lengthy and costly $12,000.00 eviction process to acquire an order to force the removal of Bue and Jones from his property, which to this date has not been enforced. This amount is only a small portion of what Simonson has spent defending himself from Ron Brown’s false criminal charges. It was also reported that Clatsop County Sherriff’s are refusing to enforce a court order that states Bue and Jones were to vacate Simonson’s property by Dec. 6, 2020, which never happened.

Costs continue to pile-up for Simonson, as no trial date has been set as of this publication.

He is still not allowed to go home, either.

Rest assured; Ron Brown is evil. If he can do this to these two fine men (Simonson and Dave Samuelson), he can do it to anyone who “steps out of line,” just as his cousin has claimed on social media. The only difference being some of Brown’s vindictive criminal charges are not against those who are out of line – they are against innocent men and women.



The evidence in Simonson’s case as well as Dave Samuelson’s, or lack thereof, will play a huge role once they have their day in court.

D.A. Ron Brown, the self-proclaimed “county hard-ass.”

The US~Observer wrote to D.A. Ron Brown and has not received a response as of the date of this publication.

Additionally, Mr. Simonson has received new information regarding D.A. Brown’s continued attacks against him. The actions by Brown and other State agencies will be brought to the public’s attention in due time – Brown can rest assured of that!

The US~Observer has been in publication for 29 years investigating and reporting on injustices across the United States. Although it is no surprise to us that people like D.A. Brown can, and do violate their oath, these abuses should cause extreme concern for the residents of Clatsop County. Good law enforcement is often wrongly criticized because of bad prosecutors like Ron Brown. D.A. Brown works for you! He is responsible for serving justice in your county. Not only is he failing to do that, but he has also been named in multiple tort claims (intent to be sued). Is this the type of representation Clatsop County residents deserve?

If you or anyone you know have any information about D.A. Ron Brown, we urge you to contact the US~Observer immediately. We would also like to thank those who already have. We look forward to publishing another story where D.A. Ron Brown has reportedly failed to prosecute more drug dealers who have threatened an elderly Military Veteran during his daily walks. The Veteran now carries a gun because of Ron Brown’s inability to prosecute real criminals.


Editor’s Note: There are two sides (only one truth) to every story. Although the US~Observer has conducted an extensive investigation into Ron Brown, we ask that you do the same. Do not take our word for it – ask the tough questions and seek the easy answers for yourself. If Ron Brown can ruin the lives of two innocent men, we guarantee you that he has ruined many more innocent lives in his near 20-year career as a prosecutor in Clatsop County. Contact us today at: www.usobserver.com, or email: editor@usobserver.com or call: 541-474-7885.

We urge anyone with information on the location of Justin Simonson’s German Shepherd, Max, to contact us.

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