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Curt Chancler
Curt Chancler

Devvy Kidd

Michael Minns

Ron Lee
Ron Lee

Dr. Kathy Marshack
Dr, Kathy

Eric Coltrane

Ted Williams
Ted Williams

Lou Ann

J.M. Appleton
J.M. Appleton

Victor Sayre

Nathan Wente
Nathan Wente

Anya Bennett
Anya Bennett

Lorne Dey
Lorne Dey

<<< No Conviction or Arrest Required--DC Clothesline >>>
Cop beats up model Air Force captain in his own home, issues arrest weeks later--Daily Caller

   US~Observer Editor Picks

A Million NY Gun Owners
Defy NY Safe Act Deadline


Investigation into DCF treatment of
court-involved youth

--CT Mirror

Are CO Drivers Being
Profiled in Other States Due
to New Marijuana Law?


New IRS documents:
Lerner colluded with DOJ to
prosecute conservatives


   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

Gov't Manufactured Criminal Case

DA, Undersheriff and
Criminal in Bed -
Bullock & Hasser Manufacture Criminal Case

Lower Arkansas Valley, Colorado – Would you believe the accusations of a convicted felon with a lengthy criminal record who has been in and out of prison and in trouble with the law since 1982 without corroborating his story? Bent County, Colorado Undersheriff Tandy Hasser would and did when she arrested 68-year-old Fritz Sturges, based solely on accusations from an officially identified “Habitual Felony Offender” by the name of...More

Patrick O'Neil - Serial Rapist?
" Serial Rapist" Headline
Brings Silence
Michael Young Criminal Charges Dismissed
Charges Dismissed!
US~Observer Client Vindicated
Conservation Easements
Conservation Easements
The Rape & Pillage of Land Owners

DUI Manslaughter Conviction Appealed
Evidence Favors Prosecutor Misconduct

• Vaccines, What Your
Doctor Won't Tell You

• Nye County, NV Bombshell!
Deflated Property Values for
Public Officials?

• Supreme Court: Expanded Police
Power to Seize Your Assets

• Nye County Corruption -
The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Democracy is NOT
Political Morality

Lorne Dey Featured Commentary
Lorne Dey -

Paradigm shift in how citizens view a sitting President

Southern Oregon Home For Sale

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


'I Spent 15 Years In Solitary Confinement For A Crime I Didn't Commit'
--Huffington Post

Bike Path Trumps Property Rights in Eminent Domain Case

Man with Zero BAC Arrested for DWI
--Libertarian Republic

Study Puts Exonerations at Record Level in U.S.

21 Years in Jail for a Crime He Didn't Commit

U.S. fighting increase in tax crimes under Obama: Watchdog

Doctor Warns: Gov't. Taking Over Psychiatry

Ron Paul Straight Talk: Let's Leave Ukraine Alone!
--Ron Paul

Man Cleared of Rape Charges Speaks Out
--Daily Progress

First State in US Requiring Videotaped Questioning of Suspects
--Daily Journal

Man Facing 5 Years Freed, Cops Charged After 2nd Dash-Cam Tape Surfaces
--Conservatice Infidel

Military plans steep cutbacks, roils ranks

California College Learns $50,000 Lesson in Fight With Student Over First Amendment
--The Blaze

Personal Liberty Digest

Personal Liberty Digest Contributions

What's Behind the Growing Pile of Dead Banker Bodies?
--Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty Digest

FCC Backs Away From Plan to 'Study' Newsrooms
--Ben Bullard, Personal Liberty Digest

Toss a Snowball, Get Hit With A Felony Charge
--Sam Rolley, Personal Liberty Digest

Devvy Kidd


An Unconscionable Silence
--Judge Andrew Napolitano

Seven devastating, inescapable economic facts for America
--J.D. Heyes, Natural News

Colorado's New Cannabis Economy
--Ryan McMaken, Mises Daily

Why Some States Still Fight the Exoneration of the Innocent

IRS Warns: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid With Tax Return as "Shared Responsibility Payment"
--Americans For Tax Reform

Chancler and DC Parts

2nd Amendment

Supreme Court refuses to challenge gun laws

Texas man turned away from voting booth over pro-gun Second Amendment T-shirt
--Fox News

2012 The Strongest Gun Manufacturing Year in U.S. History
--Personal Liberty

FBI Report Confirms Violent Crime Down as Gun Sales Up

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