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Why the US~Observer?

When hired, the US~Observer works for your vindication. What does that mean? Simply, if you have been falsely charged with crimes or have been maliciously attacked in court civilly, the US~Observer will investigate your case to achieve the evidence that will be used to prove your factual innocence, or determine your lack of liability. With that evidence in hand, we ensure everyone who needs to see it does.

The power of public opinion is what will ultimately vindicate you. This is what we cultivate when promoting your case through our nationally distributed paper and our network of on-line affiliates, making the facts of your case public knowledge. This is something attorneys are barred from doing. Bottom line, this tactic puts an amazing amount of public pressure on those in political positions, and time and again, our methods are proven to work.

The fact is, attorneys alone are not effective enough.. In many instances, the odds are so stacked against them the only recourse they have is to suggest a plea deal. It's not all their fault either! The system allows for the prosecution to publicize your case. The local paper runs your picture, and soon your neighbors think you are guilty. The US~Observer combats this one-sided assault and gives you the only real chance you have at vindication.

If you are in trouble, don't roll the dice with just an attorney. The US~Observer will work for you.

And just in case you are wondering, there are many instances where our clients never even needed to hire an attorney in the first place. Contact us for references.

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US~Observer Vindicated Clients

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How an Undercover FBI Agent Ended Up in Jail After Pretending to Be a Journalist --The Intercept

   US~Observer Editor Picks

The wrong man was
sentenced for my rape. New
legislation makes it worse

Rolling Out The Red Carpet
for the War on Drugs

Prosecutor sent innocent man to his death. Now, he's
acquitted for misconduct
--The Intercept

Sent to Prison by a
Software Program’s
Secret Algorithms

--NY Times

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

DNA proves man is not father

DNA Proves Man Not Father -
Department of Family Services
Still Garnishes Wages

Overland Park, KS - Owing more than $36,000, plus interest for unpaid child support, Randy Bryant claims he doesn't owe a dime. Now, DNA is...
click to watch

Dishonorable Ronald Grensky,
A Poor Example of a Judge


How one man went from wrongful
prosecution to exoneration
and on his way to total vindication


“F” Grade for Child Caseworkers
Senator deems DHS is in,
“A State of Chaos and Disrepair.”


From Being Falsely Imprisoned
to Defending Others
The Jeffrey Deskovic Story

When the Judicial System
Victimizes Victims
Criminal Justice Reform

Property Dispute Leads to False Arrest
Wrongful Charges Dismissed
With Help of US~Observer

Flashback: North Carolina Deputy
Vindicated by US~Observer!

Willful and Malicious Bankruptcy -
Mortenson Files to Avoid Loss

See the Faces of Vindication
Tax day 2017 -
IRS Agents' Alleged Tax Fraud

Thirteen-Year-Old Incarcerated
Without Committing A Crime

A Shining Ray of Hope
Mother Get's Her Daughter Back

The Single Largest
Dismissal of Criminal
Convictions in U.S. History

Why Social Workers Fail
to Protect Children

Exonerated defendants
can have their
money back: SCOTUS

A law that turned innocent parents
into child molester's ruled
unconstitutional by federal judge

How Thirty-Four Years Disappeared
IRS Identity Theft...

Lawsuit Filed Against Conspirators
In Wrongful Case of Murder

The Myth of Private Property
Video: Falsely Prosecuted for Murder
Judge Rules Against Man
Ticketed for Warming Up Car
on Private Property

Inebriated deputy resigns
and rakes in another $20k

$1 Billion Lawsuit Filed Against City
and Cops in Waco Biker 'Witch Hunt'

From Jailor to Jailed
Government Corruption:
Former Congresswoman Found
Guilty, Faces 300 Year Sentence

Former Cop Wrongfully Convicted of
Child Abuse Has 9 Million Dollar Verdict
Reinstated by Federal Appeals Court

DNA Proves Man Not Father -
Department of Family Services
Still Garnishes Wages

Faire v. Washington to
the US Supreme Court - WA State
Courts Ignore 6th Amendment

Prejudicial Judge John R. Stegner
Applies for Idaho Supreme Court


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   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Freed After 23 Years, Californian Wants Answers
--Courthouse News

Indicted District Attorney Allegedly Stole $20k from His Own Mother!

Texas Doctor Gets Life in Prison for Botched Surgery
--Courthouse News

Group leaks CNN audio to expose newsroom “deceptions”

Common cold cure a step closer after scientists 'crack' genetic code
--The Telegraph

Child Services Caseworker Charged With Official Misconduct and Tampering with Public Records

Children For Sale? FBI Raids International Adoption Agency

Judge - Banned from the bench for life

Falsely Accused Mom Wins $3.1M From Caseworkers, Still Doesn't Have Custody

Inebriated Deputy paid over $200,000 for being fired, now in trouble again

Psychology professor: Little scientific evidence microaggressions are real
--College Fix

U.S. withdraws funding for U.N. Population Fund

The Thin Blue Line Racket - 7 Cops Arrested on Federal Charges

Oregon Counties Fight Expansion of National Monument
--Courthouse News

Supreme Court rules for flexibility in mandatory minimum sentences

   US~Observer Featured Videos


The Free Thought Project

The Free Thought Project Contributions

Family Fined, Threatened With Jail for Building a Sand Castle

Good Cop Quits, Crosses Blue Line After Fellow Cops Brutalize Innocent Man

83-year-old Forgot to Use His Blinker, So Cops Put Him in the Hospital

DUI Stops Now Include Mouth Swabs That Can Tell if You Smoked Pot

Parents Disagree With School Over ADHD Diagnosis — So Child Protective Services Kidnapped Their Son

Devvy Kidd


Our Right to Trial by Jury Is under Attack, the Supreme Court Can Affirm and Protect It
--Cato Institute

What Do States Owe People Who Are Wrongfully Convicted?
--Huffington Post

Getting Away With Murder: The National Crisis of Cold-Case Homicides
--Crime Report

The Only State Without Power to Impeach a Governor

Fighting for the Falsely Accused
--Michelle Malkin, Truth Revolt

‘Circuits’ or ‘Circuses’?
We Need Judicial Reform at the Circuit Court Level

--Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Dairy Queen Bullying Case is a Precedent Setting Prosecution and All-Around-Tragedy

Is health care a right or a good?
--Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News

Nullification: Traditionally Conservative, Presently Mainstream?

Here Come the Pizza Gestapo
--National Review

In New York, Big Brother is Watching Your Free Speech
--National Review

Vaccinated: The Side Effects of Blindly Following

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